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Indoor furniture wood wax oil

One light, high solid content, fast drying speed, good permeability, smooth hand feeling, highlighting the wood texture

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Product Description


Parameter introduction

Product color: Transparent amber viscous;

Product use: Indoor wood coating and protection;

Brushing area: The first coating amount is 30-35 ㎡/L, the second coating amount is about 35-40 ㎡/L;

Drying time: Surface drying time is about 1 hour, actual drying time is 4-6 hours;

Product features: One light, high solid content, fast drying speed, good permeability, smooth hand feeling, highlighting the wood texture.


Construction Instructions

  • Construction requirements

    The room temperature is above 8℃ and the air humidity is below 75%RH.

  • Construction method

    Stir evenly before use, spray, brush or wipe.

  • Material requirements

    The wood is sanded smoothly, without sand marks, burrs, etc.; the moisture content of wood is preferably 8~16%.

  • Environmental requirements

    There is no requirement for the environment, a normal environment; the dry environment can be kept ventilated, not affected by temperature and humidity, and high tolerance; no additional equipment cost input is required; in line with the national environmental protection coating index.

  • Precautions

    Store in a dark, cool and dry place, away from fire; if it gets into your eyes, wash and seek medical attention immediately; put the coated wood wax oil cotton cloth in a water-filled iron bucket, and do not throw it away.

Application Scenario

Mahogany furniture
Walnut furniture
Fraxinus mandshurica custom furniture

Product Advantages

Net taste and non-toxic

Pure natural plant ingredients, without any volatile harmful substances, and no pungent or unpleasant smell

Warm feel

No plastic-like "paint film" is formed on the surface, and the warm log feel is retained

Matte texture

Natural color, open-ended effect, highlighting the beautiful natural texture of wood

Application Advantage

  • Easy to use

    It can be done by rubbing twice, or DIY yourself Desired effect

  • Cut costs

    No need to spend money, please paint master, use cotton cloth or brush Yes, and the amount of coating is large, saving a lot of costs

  • Brush and live

    It dries fast after brushing, and the smell can be fast within 1 day Disperse, you can brush and live

  • Long-term protection

    Vegetable oil can be tightly combined with the fiber layer inside the wood Form an open protective layer to protect the wood for a long time

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