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Indoor high hard wood wax oil

Gloss 2-3 spectroscopy, hardness 1~2H; fast drying speed, oil film, film forming and strong durability

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Product Description


Parameter introduction

Product color: Transparent amber viscous;

Product use: Indoor wood coating and protection;

Brushing area: The coating amount is about 20 ㎡/L;

Drying time: Surface drying time is about 1 hour, actual drying time is 6-12 hours;

Features: Gloss 2-3 spectroscopy, hardness 1~2H; fast drying speed, oil film, film forming and strong durability.


Construction Instructions

  • Construction requirements

    The room temperature is above 8℃ and the air humidity is below 75%RH.

  • Construction method

    Stir evenly before use, spray, brush or wipe.

  • Material requirements

    The wood is sanded smoothly, without sand marks, burrs, etc.; the moisture content of wood is preferably 8~16%.

  • Environmental requirements

    There is no requirement for the environment, a normal environment; the dry environment can be kept ventilated, not affected by temperature and humidity, and high tolerance; no additional equipment cost input is required; in line with the national environmental protection coating index.

  • Precautions

    Store in a dark, cool and dry place, away from fire; if it gets into your eyes, wash and seek medical attention immediately; put the coated wood wax oil cotton cloth in a water-filled iron bucket, and do not throw it away.

Application Scenario

Whole wood customization
Suite furniture
Wooden floor

Product Advantages

Safe and harmless

Natural plant raw materials, eliminate harmful ingredients

Good film formation

Can form H~2H high hardness coating film, and the coating film is transparent and three-dimensional, with strong durability

Feel outstanding

Hand feel is greatly improved, smoother and more delicate, with skin-like touch

Good gloss

Uniform luster, comprehensively improve the texture and grade of furniture

Application Advantage

  • Easy to use

    One bottom and one side craftsmanship easily done

  • Health and safety

    The painted solid wood furniture will not leave any volatile harmful substances. You don’t have to worry about harming the human body, animals and plants. You can use it with confidence

  • Strong protection

    Long-lasting protection from the inside to the outside, comprehensively enhance the strength of solid wood furniture against external factors, more scratch and wear resistance, not easy to crack, warp and fall off, and have better effects of mildew, insect, moisture and sun resistance

  • Save worry and money

    After painting, the service life of solid wood furniture is longer, without frequent renovation, and the cost is less in the long run

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