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Dulos Nano Colorant

Duluos nano-coloring agent is a new nano-level coloring material that uses nano-pigments and plant-based materials as a formula and is ground and processed by German equipment.

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product description



Product Introduction

Duluos nano-coloring agent is a new nano-level coloring material that uses nano-pigments and plant-based materials as a formula and is ground and processed by German equipment. Its ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly, have no pungent odor, and have excellent coating performance. It is used for wood graining and coloring. The coating application system is very extensive, providing coloring solutions for solid wood furniture.

Technical index

① Fineness (particle size) 100-500nm  GB 18581-2009  The compliance rate is over 99%;

② Benzene, toluene, xylene and aromatic hydrocarbon content  GB 18581-2009  Not detected (below 10ppm);

③ Heavy metal content (eight heavy metals) GB 18581-2009  Not detected (below 10ppm);

④ Formaldehyde content  GB 18582-2009  Not detected (below 10ppm).

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Duluos nano-colorant DN series has passed multiple material screenings through technical systems and verified by professional testing. Its comprehensive properties such as wiping, filling, porosity, transparency, and drying have reached the top level in the industry, with uniform coloring and drying. Good performance, suitable for fine-grain coloring, excellent adhesion, luster, and highlight texture. This product is the pioneer in the field of solid wood furniture coloring products. Its comprehensive performance indicators have obvious advantages in the market and are ahead of similar products in the market.


Good filling

Efficient absorption and high utilization rate: The solid content of the wood grain exceeds 50% after drying, which can save customers the step of rubbing the background color;


Good hole penetration

Strong penetration, no perforation: wooden holes are easy to color, suitable for various shades of catheter coloring;


Good wiping

Extreme hand feeling, silky smooth: it will be in a lubricated state within 30 minutes when rubbed, not dry


Good drying

Quick drying, no need to wait long: after the wipe is finished, wait for 30 minutes to dry, then use a cotton cloth to dry the surface, and then proceed to the next step


Good transparency

Material skin, natural appearance: after rubbing the color, the wood grain is still clearly visible and does not affect the permeability of the final coating film


Excellent adhesion

Intimate care, inseparable: The nano pigments and plant base materials used have good adhesion and can protect the wood for a long time.

Product advantages

Sanmas "Duros Nano Colorant DN Series" has various performance indicators that are far ahead of similar products. It not only integrates environmental protection performance and coating advantages, but also uses its high adaptability and simple and easy-to-operate process. Bright debuted and became a star product in the field of solid wood furniture coloring. It has been highly recognized by customers and is very popular in the market.

  • 操作简单.jpg
    easy to use

    easy to use

    The construction steps are simplified and complex, and the coloring can be done with "one rub and one collection", which greatly improves the mass production efficiency.

  • 适配性强.jpg
    Strong adaptability

    Strong adaptability

    It can be used with different coating systems and used in wood wax oil, PU paint, NC paint, wood enhancer, PE paint, UV paint, water-based paint and other fields.

  • 应用广泛.jpg
    Wide range of applications

    Wide range of applications

    It can be applied to different furniture categories and scenes such as whole wood customization and suite furniture.

Dulos coloring "Three Musketeers"

Solid wood furniture coloring solution

  • 净.jpg

    Natural raw materials, clean taste patent
    Carry out green environmental protection to the end

  • 透.jpg

    Clear and transparent, natural texture
    shows the wood texture perfectly

  • 闪.jpg

    Bright colors, shiny luster
    The visual beauty is polished to the extreme

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