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Brand Services

4Sservice system

Committed to customer success and achieving customer value

Sanmas has been deeply involved in the wood wax oil industry for 12 years and has established a large number of 4S service centers across the country, equipped with rigorously assessed pre-sales service personnel, professional technical personnel and after-sales service network systems to provide professional coating solutions and technical support A nationwide service network system has been formed, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality coating services more quickly and conveniently.
  • Product Experience Center

    Open the era of no lacquer, build a century-old national brand
    Saint-Mas has established comprehensive product experience centers that integrate display, sales, and training throughout the country, which can provide customers with sample effect tours, product operation experience, coating solutions and other services, so that customers can perceive products more systematically and three-dimensionally charm!
  • Senior business team

    Create greater profit value for customers

    Saint-Mas has a high-quality and professional business team. They are composed of industry veterans in the coating field and home furnishing field. They have a wealth of comprehensive industry practical experience and can provide customers with a full range of services before, during and after sales. The stand-alone landing cooperation plan fully satisfies the needs of customers, thereby achieving customer value!

  • Professional technical service

    Provide environmentally friendly products; create more benefits for customers
    Saint-Mas has mastered the core technology of wood wax oil, formed a complete and powerful product and technical system, and has a complete solution for the painting scenes and needs of the wood industry, providing customers with customized effects, model development, technical guidance, and painting Training and other technical services assist customers in mastering the application of wood wax oil coating, and improve the overall output value and efficiency.
  • Efficient product distribution

    Non-environmental protection, non-technological, no patents, no products

    In order to meet the urgent needs of customers in all regions of the country for product distribution, Sanmas has established comprehensive production automation and intelligent warehouse management, greatly shortening the time from production to shipment, and pre-arrangement of goods in major regional experience centers across the country, equipped with sufficient resources , And the various regions can flexibly provide nearby goods transfer and replenishment support. At the same time, St. Mas also cooperates with gold brands in the logistics industry to ensure the efficient and convenient product delivery service for customers from all aspects!

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