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Heavy! Urumqi CPPCC Chairman Ai Shanjiang visited Century Hengtai Furniture
Release date: 2018-08-15 Visit: 199

In order to realize the new consumption concept of "green furniture, health first", Century Hengtai continues to insist on technology and design innovation, and was rated by the China Brand Quality Management Evaluation Center"China Green Products", "Famous Brands in Xinjiang, China" "National AAA-level Quality, Service, and Credit Enterprise" and "Preferred Brands for Safe Consumers in the Chinese Market"Honorable title.

During the visit, Chairman Ai Shanjiang also experienced the operation process of wood wax oil painting in person, and said that wood wax oil has a series of advantages such as easy construction, outstanding effect and more environmental protection. It has become a major trend in the application of coatings in the future, which has been recognized by the market and supported by the country. It is very optimistic about the popularity of wood wax oil furniture in the furniture market.

Living deep inland, how to keep pace with the times and continue to innovate has become a problem that Xinjiang national enterprises must face. Chairman Ai Shanjiang pointed out that Under the guidance of the national “One Belt One Road” strategy, Xinjiang Urumqi Century Hengtai Furniture Co., Ltd. strives to be the leader of the industry, practices the concept of green environmental protection, and develops wood wax oil coating products for the west. The furniture market has opened up a new situation.

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