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Quality and style, vibe and charm | San Mas Qingfeng Solid Wood Furniture Fair shines!
Release date: 2018-11-24 Visit: 184

On November 23, 2018, the first China Qingfeng Solid Wood Furniture Fair kicked off in Qingfeng County Furniture Exhibition Center. In the three-day exhibition, hundreds of high-quality solid wood home furnishing brands will compete with each other.

St. Mars Wood Wax Oil has become the only paint company at the solid wood furniture exhibition. With the spirit of "dare to be the world's first", it competes with many high-quality furniture companies that are rich in design and creativity and contributes to a unique A visual feast of environmentally friendly painting of high-end solid wood furniture full of fashion and creativity.

Wisdom and inspiration cruising in the craft

Green and environmental protection are eternal themes

As a frequent visitor to major industry exhibitions, the theme of "One-stop Environmental Protection Coating Solution" is the theme of Sanmas Wood Wax Oil, which brings the new technology of Sanmas R&D team through the way of real-life display of Wood Wax Furniture. The core of the masterpiece is to express the effect of furniture from the perspective of professional "painting". For Sanmas Wood Wax Oil, painting design drives furniture design to pay attention to the effect of painting and pay attention to the improvement of the overall value of furniture, which is the transformation and upgrading of the coating coating industry led and promoted by Sanmas Wood Wax Oil. .

In life, fashion collocation emphasizes the fit with the overall image of the wearer, and shows people's temperament and aura through wearing. Similarly, different material textures and furniture styles also require different coating process solutions. At this exhibition, Sanmas Wood Wax Oil respectively provided solid wood furniture and whole wood customized environmental protection coating solutions, and all the products on display were environmental protection coating products. With excellent performance and excellent finished product effect, it became The key to attracting "eyes".

For the solid wood coating with complex lines, the "Natural Open" and "Customized Open" coating process of St. Mars Wood Wax Oil has adapted to the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, realizing the real clean taste from construction to finished product. Show the wood temperament in the tailor-made painting process.

Write the years in style

Real interpretation of wood wax oil solid wood furniture series

In addition to launching environmentally friendly coating solutions at the exhibition site, Sanmas Wood Wax Oil demonstrated to the public the solid wood furniture made by Wood Wax Oil environmentally friendly coating technology through a live view.

In the external presentation of the furniture, St. Mars wood wax oil is supplemented by three commonly used functional areas of living room, dining room and bedroom. The two classic woods of Sapele and Red Zebra are used to create solid wood furniture, and the wood wax oil painting process is swayed and interpreted. The two major styles, Chinese and modern and simple, have achieved the strongest appearance and strength in the exhibition, creating ingenious products from quality to experience, worthy of the name. Through the immersive experience, St. Mars Wood Wax Oil fully expressed the overall effect of the company's product coating, and depicted a lifelike "furniture theme pavilion" for visitors.

The solid wood wine cabinet painted with wood wax oil has a texture like clouds and flowing water, exuding gorgeous and noble spirituality! The mix and match style of Chinese and Western is not unconventional, exquisite and elegant, showing personality and taste.

The rounded rectangular solid wood dining table matches well with the elegant and artistic dining chair, which is extraordinarily stable and generous. The wood wax oil painting is environmentally friendly and natural, and the overall color is warm and soft, lovable, and gives people a feeling of returning to the original. The wood grain is clearly visible under the light, revealing the charm of the atmospheric wood wax painting.

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