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[Gather in Central Plains on the sword painting] Breaking the game 2019 "Wooden Wax Oil Value Painting Private Meeting" ended perfectly
Release date: 2019-01-09 Visit: 228

On January 7, 2019, hosted by Zhengzhou Famulin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and strongly supported by Shenzhen Shengmasi Technology Co., Ltd. [Breaking the Bureau 2019-Wood Wax Oil Value Coating Private Meeting], in central Zhengzhou The Custom Home Furnishing Culture Town opened grandly.

At the beginning of the year, the first private meeting for wood wax oil painting was set in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Central Plains, and lasted for 2 days. The cold weather could not stop the enthusiasm of the participants. It attracted several local elite home furnishing designers and heavyweight guests with many years of rich experience in the coatings industry. Many customers and strategic partners of San Mars Wood Wax Oil were also present. .

▲The sign-in wall has a wonderful view, and the guests have signed their names

This event was hosted by Mr. Zheng Hongtao, Marketing Director of Famulin Environmental Technology. General Manager Mr. Wei Xiuli made the opening speech, and the guests introduced themselves. Mr. Wei Xiuli briefly explained the main links and content of the forum to the guests, and hoped that through this event, each guest can absorb industry experience and models that are beneficial to their own development and make friends in the industry.

01 Industry prospect analysis, looking forward to future opportunities

In a warm and sincere atmosphere, Mr. Zheng Hongtao brought the [Industry Awakening Chapter] PPT speech, officially kicking off the forum. During the nearly two-hour industry prospect analysis, Mr. Zheng Hongtao used industry research data and related facts, combined with the current coatings market pattern and national environmental protection policy trends, so that the guests at the conference intuitively felt the crisis facing the coatings industry and the development status of environmental protection coatings.

As an important link in home improvement, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of coatings, and the requirements for coatings are higher. The coatings market will also be biased towards new, reasonable and high value-added products. The economic downturn, the shrinking market, the strictest protection laws, and a series of crises have struck coating companies, which have forced coating companies to survive. "Dangers" and "opportunities" coexist. Environmental transformation has become a way out for many companies, and the market for environmentally friendly coatings is also constantly changing. expand. The emergence of wood wax oil is a new type of environmentally friendly coating that meets environmental protection policies. It has the dual advantages of environmental protection and technology. It points out the direction and way out for the green transformation and upgrading of traditional coating companies and furniture companies, and helps them to develop a sustainable development. The road to green painting.

02 Focus on coating technology, answer questions on site

This forum mainly focused on the substrate, process, effect, cost and other issues that the wood wax oil industry is concerned about for exchanges. Aiming at the theme of the event-the application of wood wax oil painting process, Mr. Xie Xingwang, senior technical director of Sanmas Technology, and Mr. Niu Jianhui, technical director of Famulin Environmental Technology, joined forces to demonstrate the process of wood wax oil, interspersed with details of the process. The explanation and let the guests experience it in person, aroused their great interest. In this process, they not only have a deeper and more thorough understanding of wood wax oil and its technological process, but also truly feel the excellent effect of wood wax oil coating application.

After the practical operation, the guests at the meeting discussed different problems in the actual market application of wood wax oil coating. With the sudden emergence of wood wax oil in the coatings industry, wood wax oil technology has a richer style and deeper development, and the market application field is also broader. Under the influence of different factors, the application of wood wax oil has gradually produced more personalized demands. Facing the increasingly complex market environment, how can wood wax oil painting practitioners transform their mastery and understanding of wood wax oil painting process into a truly practical painting language and apply it to different market case spaces? The core issue of this discussion.

Subsequently, the two technical directors also participated in the discussion and interacted with the guests, pushing the atmosphere to a climax. In response to the various problems encountered in the process of process operation and customer service, the guests kept raising questions. The two technical directors also analyzed specific issues from a professional perspective, so that the guests could discover their own market operations. Shortcomings, keep up with industry trends, get rid of the trouble of homogeneity, and move on to the road of innovation and upgrading, and have the ability to provide matching coating solutions according to different customized needs.

03 Interactive sharing and exchange, non-stop benefit and discount

After the first day of theory and practice, everyone experienced various coating processes, in-depth exchanges between peers, plus the careful guidance and answering questions of two technical directors, the guests had a comprehensive understanding of wood wax coating System understanding. On the second day, the two technical directors and the guests at the meeting discussed the learning results and experiences of the previous day and digested the remaining problems and questions.

The next learning is more difficult, and everyone should systematically learn about the coating process of different woods and styles. The two technical directors continued to combine PPT presentations and practical teaching to teach more wood wax oil coating operations to everyone. Guests encountered problems during the learning process and consulted in time, and both directors answered patiently. Through the hard work of the guests, everyone learned a variety of wood wax oil operation techniques, and the joy was beyond words.

▲The trainees earnestly study advanced, master the higher level wood wax oil painting process

▲Achievements in learning, students were awarded honorary certificates

At the end of the event, General Manager Wei Xiuli also announced the company's New Year's discount policy, and at the same time brought many surprises and benefits to the guests, and the cheers and applause on the scene continued.

▲General Manager Wei Xiuli explained the company's New Year's preferential policies to customers

▲Many guests were attracted and placed orders on the spot

The two-day private meeting came to an end in a blink of an eye, and the guests expressed that they have gained a lot! I have mastered many practical and effective wood wax oil painting processes, have a clearer and deeper understanding of the industry, and have also got acquainted with the resources of the elite circle. After I go back, I will apply the knowledge I have learned to market practice, truly apply what I have learned, serve customers, and expand the market better.

The road of wood wax painting,

We walk side by side,

Looking forward to the next encounter!

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