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[Sincere invitation] In March Beijing Wooden Door Exhibition, St. Mars will interpret different custom paintings of whole wood for you!
Release date: 2019-02-22 Visit: 189

On March 15-18, 2019, the 18th China International Door Industry Exhibition (Beijing Wooden Door Exhibition) will be held in Beijing as scheduled. Beijing Wooden Door Exhibition, known as "A vane and booster leading the development of the industry", is the primary platform for domestic and foreign door and window industry manufacturers to conduct commodity trade and industry exchanges."A vane and booster leading the development of the industry", is the primary platform for domestic and foreign door and window industry manufacturers to conduct commodity trade and industry exchanges.

As a loyal partner of furniture companies, Saint-Mas is a frequent visitor to the Beijing Wooden Door Fair, which is refreshing every time. The theme of this exhibition still revolves around the overall solution, but a more in-depth interpretation!


Ingenious art exhibition hall, the exhibition is more pleasing to the eye

In this semi-open exhibition hall, multiple groups of streamlined frame structures are cleverly inlaid, highlighting the artistic beauty. The golden yellow embellishment is integrated with the wood grain color, and the two sides of the back wall are in the shape of drops of wood wax oil, the design is vivid and realistic. The wood grain color creates the original ecological charm, highly conforms to the natural and authentic effect of wood wax oil painting, and reflects the green environmental protection concept of Saint-Mas.

Five functional areas: painting experience area, painting display area, brand culture area, exchange negotiation area, reception registration area to meet the needs of different exhibitions.


The highlight of environmental protection, paying tribute to environmental protection

Environmental protection is a topic that cannot be avoided in previous wooden door exhibitions. As the most difficult part of the production of wooden doors, painting has always been the most troublesome problem for companies in the wooden door industry chain. How to control costs while achieving good painting effects and environmental protection indicators is the key to coating companies gaining the trust of wooden door companies.

Wood coating companies are an important link in the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain of the home and door industry across the country. As a leader in the wood coating industry, Sanmas has been committed to providing high-quality environmentally friendly coating products and solutions. Thanks to its excellent environmental performance and coating performance, and after years of market verification, wood wax oil has become the future development trend of wood coatings, and it is also the vane of environmental protection coatings in 2019.

pursue"Not environmentally friendly, non-tech"The concept of green and intelligent manufacturing, Sanmas wood wax oil has obtained a number of national invention patent authorizations and won"Green and environmentally preferred brand " Become the industry brand benchmark. In the decades of serving customers, Saint-Mas has used painting technology to defend home health, making health and environmental protection a standard for good wooden doors, while taking into account social responsibility."Open the era of no paint"The concept of environmental protection is passed to every furniture consumer.


High-end custom coating of whole wood, just look at Sanmas wood wax oil

Saint-Mas has always been committed to achieving the ultimate product effect through service, helping customers solve problems on the spot, helping partners in all aspects from product positioning, process design, construction management, and so on, and develop together. Strong technical accumulation, excellent product strength, and near-perfect service response make Sanmas the best choice for mid-to-high-end furniture companies!

Focusing on wood wax oil for 11 years, the particularity of Sanmas wood wax oil that distinguishes it from its peers is reflected in:

※The uniqueness of product quality: it has various indexes that can fully meet the physical and chemical properties of daily furniture and other woodware coatings;

※The richness of painting schemes: provide different solutions for wood properties, hardness, permeability, suitable painting style and woodware classification;

※Simplicity of operation and application: For conventional coating, there are DIY pure wiping process and spraying and wiping combined process. In addition, for the high-end whole wood customization field, the advanced wood wax oil spraying process is specially provided.

Sanmas wood wax oil combines environmental protection, clean taste, smooth and full coating film, silky feel, moderate hardness, strong permeability, and delicate color. It can be adapted to open and semi-open coating effects. The advanced coating process of Sanmas wood wax oil can be tailored for wooden door companies according to different needs. It can not only help companies control the coating cost, but also maximize the coating effect of wood wax oil.

This wooden door exhibition, around"Tribute to environmental protection"and"Whole house custom painting solution"As the core theme, St. Mas will reveal the secrets on the spot"Wood wax oil custom open process"The painting mystery of, and show three types of painting works of minimalism, pastoral weathering, and whole wood customization. How to achieve it? Waiting for you at the scene~


Experts reveal secrets and answer questions on site

At the exhibition site, experts will also reveal a number of wood wax oil topics that are concerned by the industry, such as:

Why does some wood wax oil dry in 1 hour?

Why is some wood wax oil harder than paint?

The mystery of the smell of wood wax oil?

How to realize the wood wax oil pipeline coating?



The new nano-colorant will shine with wood wax oil

Dulos Nano Colorant

New product, new breakthrough, new coloring process

Green intelligent manufacturing, natural environmental protection, outstanding effect

The leader of solid wood furniture coloring solutions

Sharing [clean, transparent, flash] high-end quality

Designed for high-end solid wood custom coating

Can be used with wood wax oil

Meet higher market requirements

Then you can experience the charm of its painting up close

Beijing·China International Exhibition Center

March 15-18, 2019

Booth E4-56

Saint Mas, waiting for you!

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