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A modern professional hotel, guesthouse, and private customized furniture manufacturer integrating design, production and sales; It has a standardized production workshop of 12,000 square meters and more than 150 technical employees; Seven modern workshops, two solid wood furniture production lines and one panel furniture production line; The company's solid wood door factories and soft mattress production line series products are all over Xinjiang, and the product quality is well received by customers. It has become one of the largest professional custom furniture manufacturers in Xinjiang.
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Century Hengtai Furniture is located deep inland. How to keep pace with the times and continue to innovate has become a problem that enterprises must face. Saint-Mas wood wax oil has good coating effect, high efficiency, saving labor and materials, and the overall cost is not high. While the vast majority of furniture manufacturers are still obsessed with traditional painting effects and product applications, Century Hengtai quickly changed its operational thinking, pioneered a unique approach, pioneered the wood wax oil painting production line, and occupied the market share.

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Cooperation Introduction


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    On August 14, 2018, Ai Shajiang. Maimat, CPPCC Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Midong District Committee of Urumqi City, led the team to visit Urumqi Century Hengtai Furniture Company in person. Accompanied by Chairman Gao Fenglei, Chairman Ai Shajiang visited the wood wax oil coating production line of Century Hengtai Furniture, and focused on understanding Sanmas wood wax oil products and related knowledge.

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    Chairman Gao Fenglei introduced the national lacquer culture origin and unique patented technology of St. Mars wood wax oil to Chairman Ai. Chairman Ai Shajiang also personally experienced the wood wax oil painting operation and felt the difference between wood wax oil and traditional paint. In addition to the health and environmental protection, the construction operation is also simple and the effect is outstanding. I am very optimistic about the popularity of wood wax oil furniture. He highly appreciates Century Hengtai’s first market strategy of launching wood wax oil furniture coating application and praises Gao Feng Lei, director The innovative spirit of being the first!
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