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The company is one of the most professional solid wood furniture production and sales companies in Shanghai. It has ten types of precious woods, ten classic series, and has many specialty stores in major cities across the country.
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Brand characteristics



All the furniture series under the company are designed to follow the Nordic minimalist style and have typical styles. They use walnut, eucalyptus and other logs for authentic or color-imitation effects. They are committed to creating the ultimate environmentally friendly furniture of pure solid wood and become a model of Nordic modern solid wood furniture. !

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Cooperation Introduction


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    Since 2015, Nordic style furniture has been popular in China and is very popular among young and middle-aged people in the market. The company also has a place in the market with its own advantages. In order to expand its product advantages and market share, after careful study, it realized the urgent need to differentiate from its competitors in the coating level! The corporate designer adheres to the original ecological furniture concept and hopes to reflect the authentic charm of wood. After many inspections and tests, it is found that the Saint-Mas wood wax oil is unique in terms of film protection: thin, transparent, flexible and tough. It gave the log the most authentic appearance, so it was decided to choose Saint Mars wood wax oil as the coating protection material.
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    The combination of the Saint-Mas wood wax oil painting process and the company’s Nordic style furniture, on the one hand, is simple in process, saving time, and high in shipping efficiency. On the other hand, the painting effect is ideal, the furniture has more aesthetic value, and the performance is very superior. The hardness is H~2H, the adhesion is 5B, and the surface of the wood wax oil board has no abnormalities after being placed in the water for 24 hours, which becomes the most ideal coating solution for the company.

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    After the company has fully applied Sanmas wood wax oil coating, its market share has increased significantly and customer satisfaction has been higher. Its products have repeatedly won the "Shanghai Decoration Industry Association" and "Shanghai Home Fair Organizing Committee". Specially awarded "Best Sales Award"

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