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Company Activities
2020 Guangzhou Coatings Fair|Sanmas and you define the color trend of solid wood furniture!
Release date: 2020-11-09 Visit: 172

The 25th China (Guangzhou) International Coatings Exhibition in 2020 will kick off at the China Import and Export Fair Complex from December 8th to December 10th.


This Guangzhou Coatings Show, known as the "Oscar in the paint industry" and also known as the "industry development vane", is full of wisdom and innovation, and has a pivotal influence in the industry. New applications will undoubtedly become the focus of the event.


Accumulate, keep pace with the world

For this reason, as an important force in the upstream industry, this year's Sanmas Technology will add more international trends to the past pragmatism and dress up to attend the "coating industry Oscar" feast.


This exhibition integrates the trend, fashion, art, and intelligent research results of many well-known international home furnishing exhibitions, and will bring visitors a brand-new "home color master" image.



Not to be missed

Aspect1:A variety of powerful coloring products

Four Ace Products: GSeries without Benguelis,SSeries Water Character Liz, Chameleon Series, Dulos Series;

Realize different coating systems for solid wood furniture coloring (wood wax oil, water-based paint, traditional paint) and different scene areas ( whole wood customization, suite furniture )'s application;

A mysterious new product: the "one-key beautification" artifact specially created for Wujinmu, another explosive model with high translucent coating effect.


Aspect2: All kinds of classic color series

Four popular color series: simple luxury series, simple meaning series, transparent color series, flash color series;

As the epitome of the popular trend of internationally renowned home furnishing exhibitions, Saint-Mas will give you an earlier glimpse of the general trend of solid wood furniture style effects in the future;

Show you more reference American and Chinese style colors.


Aspect3: Diversified solid wood coloring solutions

Comprehensive environmental protection coloring system and solutions to help upgrade green coating;

Effectively solve various types of solid wood furniture coloring problems;

Fully meet the needs of diversified coloring, regardless of the bottom coloring or surface trimming can be easily done;

At the exhibition site, 360° will be displayed colorful painting schemes and coloring effects, and visitors can experience it in person.




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