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【Hot Spot】Zodenberg Wood Industry's masterpiece, high quality wood wax coating
Release date: 2020-10-23 Visit: 309

On March 30th, the Guangzhou Door Industry Expo opened grandly, and Zodenberg Wood made a stunning appearance with heavyweight products. In the high-end and majestic exhibition hall (Booth: Poly World Trade Center 4E05), there are endless audiences, and the well-made wooden doors have become the focus of public attention.



For many years, Zodenberg has always focused on seeking the harmony of product functionality and artistry. They dare to innovate, are good at starting from details and pursuing excellent quality. At this exhibition, Zodenberg launched environmentally friendly wooden doors, and the series of wooden doors painted with Saint-Mars wood wax oil products have attracted much attention. Select high-quality wood such as rosewood, crabapple, etc., and adopt the most environmentally friendly coating method at present, making it an outstanding wooden door product.



Simple lines and carvings, low-key matte effect, use wood wax oil to "load light" the wood, retaining the natural texture and beauty of wood. "Door" is touched frequently in daily life, and good painting can convey a sense of warmth and tranquility through wood. After the Saint-Mas wood wax oil is coated on the wood, a thin coating film will form on the surface. This coating film not only plays a protective role, but also has the characteristics of warm and silky, delivering a delicate and soft touch experience.



The wooden doors coated with wood wax oil have higher added value, are safe and environmentally friendly, durable, and high-end atmosphere. The person in charge of Zuidenberg said: The dealer friends are very satisfied with the effect and quality of the Saint Mars wood wax oil painting. The atmosphere at the scene is fierce, which is very effective for the promotion of the product market. After the exhibition, it will also focus on developing this field.



Throughout the major industry exhibitions, "environmental protection" has become an inevitable topic, but for customers, "environmental protection" is the most basic requirement. In addition, the quality of the coating and market acceptance determine the success of the product. key.

The same is true for St. Mars wood wax oil. Only by laying a solid foundation, polishing the quality, standing with customers and being responsible for their products, can we go further!

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