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[MARATTI office furniture painted wood wax oil] Only environmental protection and fashion can not live up
Release date: 2020-10-23 Visit: 240

At the 39th China (Guangzhou) Home Fair Office Environment Exhibition, MARATTI office furniture integrates the concepts of fashion, environmental protection, and space combination, combined with the coating process of Saint-Mas wood wax oil, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign audiences.


The fusion of fresh and natural colors, simple and stylish shapes and efficient space combinations makes MARATTI office furniture diversified, functional and extensible. And in this exhibition, MARATTI office furniture also exhibited wood wax oil painting series, products related to: desks, office chairs, conference tables, storage cabinets, ornaments, etc.





Using bamboo and wood as the base material, Saint Mars wood wax oil product finish, natural color or a little color modification, the style is modern and simple, adding environmental protection to the office environment, benefiting the physical and mental health of office staff, and creating a relaxed and efficient office atmosphere .



Mr. Zhou Zhou, the head of MARATTI office furniture, talked to us: The exhibition site has received a good response, whether it is the design concept or the painting effect. If this effect continues, we plan to focus on wood wax painting in 2017 and combine product innovation. Direction, vigorously promote.


From the extension of solid wood furniture to office furniture, Sanmas wood wax oil painting has truly penetrated into the modern industrialized painting production, and it is also quite popular among consumers. At major exhibitions from 2016 to 2017, more and more customers took wood wax oil painting as a highlight. They carved and polished their products to continuously improve quality and service. At the same time, they followed the industry trend and introduced the new. , Dare to make breakthroughs, and have a forward-looking vision to seize market opportunities, this is the commonality of many brand enterprises.

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