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The truth about solid wood furniture setting off a consumer boom
Release date: 2020-10-23 Visit: 188

Furniture, whether it is solid wood furniture or panel furniture, is inseparable from the basic element of wood. The history of the development of Chinese furniture is a history of the production of solid wood furniture. In view of the original and deepest understanding of wooden furniture by Chinese people, solid wood furniture has become a consumer trend and occupies a high position in the minds of consumers.


In recent years, solid wood furniture has risen rapidly, and different furniture brands have entered the solid wood market one after another. According to statistics from the Furniture Association, in the first three months of 2014, the business income of furniture manufacturing enterprises increased by 10.57%, and the scale of furniture production is also steadily increasing. In the future, it is believed that solid wood furniture will become the mainstream products in the market; advocating green and healthy home furnishings and promoting traditional solid wood culture will become a trend in the furniture industry in the future.


At the major domestic furniture exhibitions held every year, many solid wood furniture brands have appeared one after another. Whether in terms of the number of exhibitors or the scale of the exhibition, solid wood furniture manufacturers occupy the new force of the exhibition. According to statistics, at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in 2015 and 2016, solid wood furniture brands accounted for 80% of the total exhibitors, and the style of furniture has gradually improved, and furniture in styles like new Chinese, American, and European styles are also blooming.


Saint-Mas wood wax oil new Chinese solid wood furniture


Saint-Mas wood wax oil modern simple solid wood wine cabinet


Saint-Mas wood wax oil new American solid wood furniture

There are many reasons for the popularity of solid wood furniture, not only traditional cultural factors, but also modern lifestyle, aesthetic concepts and other factors. Sanmas wood wax oil has been focusing on the field of wood coating. It has a mature and stable product system and rich experience in solid wood furniture market operation. It is well versed in the internal needs of consumers: solid wood furniture can bring consumers a return and experience sense. Just like St. Mars wood wax oil solid wood furniture, what can bring consumers is not only simple furniture, but also gives the product comprehensive value, and these values are the reasons that move people's hearts.

So, why are solid wood furniture such as San Mars wood wax oil so popular with consumers?

1.Natural environmental protection

The solid wood furniture is made of natural wood, and the Saint-Mas wood wax oil coating is used to retain the original ecological atmosphere of the wood. Coupled with the application of the traditional tenon and riveting process, the use of adhesives is deliberately reduced throughout the production process, thereby improving the furniture Overall environmental performance. Saint-Mas wood wax oil inherits the essence of national lacquer. The products are all refined from pure natural plant extracts. They are taken from wood and used for wood. It is the coating method that best meets the natural environmental protection demands of solid wood furniture.



2.The Beauty of Art

Solid wood furniture can incorporate design ideas such as elegant lines and exquisite patterns, and are perfectly presented through modern woodworking techniques, while panel furniture cannot; coupled with the later polishing and processing procedures, the beauty of the logs is fully demonstrated. Sanmas wood wax oil solid wood furniture shows more value than other solid wood furniture. The transparent oil film gives the furniture a sense of flexibility. The natural and clear texture complies with the life characteristics of the wood. The silky and delicate hand feels directly through the softness of the heart. The accompanying wood fragrance relieves stress and fatigue, enjoys the leisure and relaxation brought by furniture, and embraces high-quality life.



3.Back to the knot

After staying in the city for a long time, people always hope to be in contact with nature, return to nature, and be integrated with nature, and solid wood furniture can let people get what they want. St. Mars wood wax oil allows wood to breathe freely, being in it, and communicating directly with nature. The original ecological pursuit of painting leads people to forget their worries, go into the depths of the soul, and return to the basics and truth is the unchanging original intention.


4.Collection value

Saint-Mas wood wax oil solid wood furniture has become stronger over time. It can be built for a century. It has a certain collection and preservation function. Especially the furniture made of precious wood species is a valuable art collection and life wealth. Such furniture may be the best gift to future generations, because these furniture carry too much memory and beauty of life, how can we forget it!


Therefore, valuable products always meet people's multi-level needs. With the development of social life, people's needs for furniture have already broken through the material function level, and a large part is closely related to the concept and pursuit of life. When you begin to pay attention to the spiritual and emotional level, you will have permanent love for the things you use.

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