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[Chengdu Furniture Fair] Ingenuity creates high-quality goods, St. Mas invites you to appreciate the true beauty of wood wax painting art
Release date: 2018-05-24 Visit: 189

At that time, the national brand Saint-Mas wood wax oil will bring a series of painting products to the stage. The 60-square-meter mysterious exhibition hall located at 8-A19 in Xibo City will have the theme of "you are beautiful" through painting art products. The vivid display, combined with the cultural interpretation behind it, presents the true beauty of Saint Mas’ painting art.

As early as March this year, Sanmas Wood Wax Oil used its long-term accumulated industry advantages to shine at the Beijing Wooden Door Exhibition and successfully attracted the attention of people inside and outside the industry. The Chengdu Furniture Fair is coming again this time, what are the highlights that cannot be missed? Let's see it together!

"Ten years to grind a sword", 2018 is the tenth year that Sanmas Wood Wax Oil has been overcoming obstacles, and it is also a year of comprehensive upgrade of Sanmas Wood Wax Oil brand image.

In order to create a different experience effect, St. Mas’s exhibition hall this time adopts a semi-open design to simplify the complex and make the most of every inch of space without any waste. The simple and exquisite design style is delicate and beautiful, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people. Stop and watch the exquisite painting artwork on site, all exhibits are within reach, and more surprises and details are waiting for you to discover.

Different from other paint brands, San Mars has a unique eye. The theme of this exhibition is "You Are Beautiful", abandoning flashy forms and returning to the true nature of painting art.

Saint-Mas abandoned the luxurious and complicated decoration, paid more attention to the original ecology and returned to the original. We respect the painting aesthetics of "simple is noble", and strive to integrate the painting concept of "natural beauty" into different types of solid wood furniture designs, giving consumers a different visual experience and home experience.

The reason why St. Mars wood wax oil can flourish in the field of wood coating is not only environmental protection, "natural craftsmanship" is a big killer. When woodware meets Saint-Mas wood wax oil, the natural beauty of wood will be fully visible, and you can experience it up close at the Saint-Mas Pavilion.

Forging with ingenuity, appreciating painting art

The Saint-Mas hall-level painting master personally designed each color plate with a unique and exquisite appearance. At the same time, combining the attributes and characteristics of each type of wood, the texture, texture and charm of the wood itself are highly compatible with the natural and authentic effects embodied in the wood wax oil painting, creating the original ecological charm, highlighting the artistic beauty and conveying The artistic conception of “Heaven, Earth and Human Harmony”.

"Return to the truth and show the beauty of logs", the ingenuity masterpiece brought by Saint Mars this time will surely shine at the Chengdu exhibition and will also bring pleasing visual enjoyment to the viewers.

St. Mars Wood Wax Oil, Booth A19, Hall 8

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: West China International Expo City (Chengdu, China)

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